I have set up my own online radio station! #djstereomcfm


So, I always had my own website, before I ever did last year’s course, the MA in Digital Cultures! And, I always had poetry on my blog and poetry is very private so I never really wanted anyone to read it! But, I decided to go for it last year, in terms of being a digital humanitarian and a radio broadcaster (and a poet!) and thought as I was taking my 6 months off from college, that I would set up my own online radio station on my own personal website, maireadmeade.com

I would appreciate if my MADAH classmates would check out my online radio station and be so good as to come back here and make some comments. You see, my thesis is on the investigation of online radio as the new radio station, that being the internet and basically, getting me to do some research and make a series of graphs in order to prove that it is! And, for me, as a digital humanitarian AND a radio broadcaster, I am delighted to endeavour to make this 15,000 word thesis. I am not a great writer. I write poetry, for Gawd’s sake but I will endeavour to finish the masters in digital arts and humanities this year and maybe then, teach radio broadcasting in order to get everybody online with their own internet stations and sure, why not, really?

Yeah, so please come back here, MADAH class mates and tell me what you think of maireadmeade.com


Margaret Mary Meade
MA Digital Arts and Humanities
University College Cork, Ireland.

I am thrilled to be back at UCC.


When I left school at Scoil Mhuire, Cork City, in June, 1994, I never knew where I was going to end up but I ended up in University College Cork. I decided to further my secondary education and continue to take Irish, English, Mathematics but with Computer Science. Truthfully, I must have gone to one tenth of my lectures! I spent my days in love with Paul McCarthy in the College Bar. My routine was 9-10.30, mini rest, 10.30-5pm college bar. I hardly ever went to the library. This was 1994, we had just got email addresses! I wrote for the college Gazette. I wrote love poetry. But I never expected I would ever return to UCC after I left, dejected by Love, dejected by boring lecture theatres. Very little excitement in computer science! My oh my, how things have changed!
I am madly in love with the digital humanities and I am so excited to be back at University College Cork.
I am a Corkonian myself. I love Cork City. I always will and Ireland is such a beautiful country.
MA Digital Arts and Humanities
University College Cork, Ireland.