I am thrilled to be back at UCC.


When I left school at Scoil Mhuire, Cork City, in June, 1994, I never knew where I was going to end up but I ended up in University College Cork. I decided to further my secondary education and continue to take Irish, English, Mathematics but with Computer Science. Truthfully, I must have gone to one tenth of my lectures! I spent my days in love with Paul McCarthy in the College Bar. My routine was 9-10.30, mini rest, 10.30-5pm college bar. I hardly ever went to the library. This was 1994, we had just got email addresses! I wrote for the college Gazette. I wrote love poetry. But I never expected I would ever return to UCC after I left, dejected by Love, dejected by boring lecture theatres. Very little excitement in computer science! My oh my, how things have changed!
I am madly in love with the digital humanities and I am so excited to be back at University College Cork.
I am a Corkonian myself. I love Cork City. I always will and Ireland is such a beautiful country.
MA Digital Arts and Humanities
University College Cork, Ireland.

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